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2020 Junior Golf Development Programs

"A kid grows up a lot faster on the golf course. Golf teaches you how to behave" ~ Jack Nicklaus

pdf2020 Junior Golf Development Program332.59 KB

pdf2020 Junior Golf Development Registration Form163.71 KB

The Wilds Golf Club is proud to offer our 2020 Junior Development Program. These programs begin with the basic beginner program and take them through a program that prepares juniors for competitive golf, while covering all growth levels in between. A brief description of each program is detailed below.

The Little Chippers Program ($150/Golfer)

The goal of this program is to introduce the game to the beginner golfer and develop a solid base for future growth. This program takes a developmental approach to building important motor skills. Skills are developed through target oriented training and games.

  • Target Golfer: Junior with little or no prior instruction (beginner)
  • Recommended Golfer Age: 5 to 10 years old
  • Student to Instructor Ratio: 6 to 1 (Max of 12 Students)

Dates & Times:

The Junior Varsity Program ($175/Golfer)

The goal of this program is to establish strong fundamentals of the game of golf. Instruction will focus on golf etiquette, short and long game skills, and some on-course instruction/play. This program will combine instruction, games, and on-course learning when available. Golfers may register for either of the 3 day programs.

  • Target Golfer: Junior that has completed the “Local Qualifier Program” or similar instructional program
  • Recommended Golfer Age: 9 to 14 years old
  • Student to Instructor Ratio: 8 to 1 (Max of 8 Students)

Dates & Times:

The Varsity Program ($300/Golfer)

The goal of this program is to give more attention to overall swing fundamentals, refinement of the swing, and short game skills to prepare golfers for competitive play. Each class will begin with a half hour instructional period, followed by on-course playing opportunities.

  • Target Golfer: This final level is geared towards experienced juniors seeking to refine existing skills and capable of playing with limited supervision.
  • Recommended Golfer Age: 12-18 years ol
  • Student to Instructor Ratio: 6 to 1 (Max of 6 Students)

Dates & Times:

All lessons meet at The Wilds Driving Range and include range balls, instruction, practice green access, and prizes. Lessons and camps will cover safety, grip, stance, ball position, posture, putting, chipping, pitching, full-swing irons and woods, basic rules/etiquette, effective practice, course management, and life skills such as honesty, integrity, respect, and sportsmanship. We will play fun games and drills to learn a desired golf motion.

The Wilds Dress Cody Policy:
All golfers must adhere to the following: Denim, jeans, tank tops and halter tops are NOT allowed on the golf course or practice facility.

Junior Golf Clubs and Equipment:
Having the correct tools for any project is vital for a successful outcome. Golf is no different. Please contact the golf shop for more information and recommendations.

Parent/ Junior Golf:
All Junior Golf Participants in our 2019 Junior Program can come out with a paid parent and play for FREE on Sundays after 2pm (based on availability).